Through several years of effort from members, the Norriton Fire Engine Company achieved a goal of ours.  We wished to remember and pay tribute to our fellow fire fighters that went before us.  On Saturday, May 20, 2006, a memorial was dedicated to them.  Dignitaries including elected officials from our local, state and federal government attended, along with several local fire companies and residents.  We thank all of them and all of you that helped make this a special tribute to those men and women that give of their time and risk their lives for others.

The memorial is made up of several portions.  The first thing people see are the three monuments.  On the left is the 9-11 design.  This was designed by one of our members just a short time after the events of September 11, 2001.  The design was used on multi-colored pins.   The red, white, and blue columns in the center; representing the towers that fell.  The pentagon surrounding the outside, as a representation of the Pentagon in Washington.  The words “let’s roll”, representing the aircraft that went down in the western Pennsylvania field.   This monument let’s us remember all the people who perished as a result of the events that day.

On the right side is the Fireman’s Prayer.  Though we attempt to have control during emergencies in a mortal sense, we realize that our lives are truly in the hands of God.  We ask that He watch over us and our families. 

In the center is the Maltese Cross, the recognized symbol of the fire service.  Inscribed on it is the name of the fire company, the station number, and several articles of equipment that we use in the line of work.

The middle of the circle at the base are bricks that make up the logo of NFEC.  Surrounding it are bricks inscribed with names of members (past and present) of the fire company and ladies auxiliary.  The brick work allows for a nice sitting area in which one can relax, ponder, or just watch the nature of the farm park behind.   A walkway leads from this area to the driveway.   The walkway and base are lighted.

To cap off the monument, three flag poles are erected and lit.  The center is the American flag, of course.   To one side is the Pennsylvania flag, and the other side is the NFEC flag.

Please feel free to stop by our station on Germantown Pike, just east of Whitehall Road and walk up to the memorial.  This is not just for our members to look at, but is open for all to see.  Say a little prayer, sit on one of the benches and ponder some thoughts, or just walk up and look around.